Stay Legally Operating: All You Need to Know About PSEB Call Center Renewal

Keeping your call center operations running smoothly in Pakistan? Here’s a guide to effortlessly renewing your PSEB registration:

Renewal Steps:

  1. Access Your Account:

    • Log in to the PSEB Registration Portal using your existing credentials.
  2. Update Renewal Form:

    • Locate and open the “Renewal Call Center Registration” form.
    • Fill out all fields accurately and completely, ensuring information is up-to-date.
    • Upload the required documents (listed below).
    • Submit the form for initial PSEB approval.
  3. Fee Payment and Final Approval:

    • Upon receiving initial approval, deposit the requisite renewal fee.
    • Upload proof of payment (receipt) and any applicable surcharges.
    • Submit for final approval.
  4. Processing and Verification (if required):

    • PSEB typically takes 2-5 working days to verify payment and schedule a physical verification visit (if deemed necessary).
    • You’ll be required to submit a request for verification and upload additional documents.
    • Registration will be confirmed after successful verification.

Required Documents:

  • Scanned copy of Summary of Export Revenue with proper IT/ITeS code defined by SBP
  • Copy of financial statement from audited accounts report OR income tax returns for the preceding year

Additional Tips:

  • Prepare in advance: Gather required documents before starting the renewal process.
  • Review thoroughly: Double-check all information for accuracy to avoid delays.
  • Stay informed: Monitor emails for PSEB’s communication regarding your renewal status.
  • Refer to official guidelines: Consult the PSEB website for detailed instructions if needed.

By promptly renewing your PSEB registration, you ensure your call center’s continued compliance and eligibility for benefits within Pakistan’s IT and telecommunications sector.